Let’s make good food better.

Why do the many types of professionals who work with food choose to work with Shalit? Hundreds of original products … decades of experience … knowledge of the latest and coming trends … a partner who listens … and a shared passion for food.

People get better when they eat better.

See more empty plates, more nutrition uptake, less waste and healthier eaters. Ask about Shalit’s nourishing food solutions, made on budget, within industry guidelines and standards.

On the table and in kitchen, pairings matter.

You have a vision. Partnering with you, Shalit Chefs can bring it into focus then bring it to life. Their simple secret, after decades of experience? Using only ingredients kept as close to their natural state as possible.

A better base means a better bottom line.

Why’s it worth fussing over basics like bone broths and richer gravies? Savvy, informed consumers switch supermarkets for such basics that affect all they cook — and do their whole shop there.

The beginning is no place to start compromising.

When you only work with good food, it’s easier to make any food better. Over the decades, Shalit bases and broths have been adopted by prominent Canadian chefs and supermarkets. Nearly all who switched stayed.

Let’s Make Good Food Better.

Since 1990, Shalit Foods has provided quality brands, natural ingredients and smart solutions across all food sectors. All supported by personalized, informed service that keeps partners coming back.

Need help building a signature dish that lasts years on a menu? Or fortifying a daily staple to improve health outcomes? Looking for a gravy or stock that brings customers in the door? We’re good listeners.

Here’s where Shalit foods can help.