Exclusive Shalit brands

There’s no denying the star power, or ‘halo effect’, of a famous brand. Some of the most popular labels you’ll find in your company kitchen may actually come Shalit — whether it’s a partner or signature Shalit Foods Inc. (SFI) product.

Behind every great success story is a well-disciplined team.

You may already be cooking with SFI brands and not even know it. Names like SFI Harmony Cuisine Plant-Based, Whole Grain Entrées, tempting SFI Sauces and delicious SFI Grains. Shalit also partners with famous brands to bring them to Canada. Like Savory Choice Liquid Broth Concentrates, Gravies and Reductions …

… Chef Paul Prudhomme Heat Blended Seasonings … Marsan Foods Purée Essentials and Balanced Cuisine Ready-to-eat Purée Meats, Vegetables & Starches and Entrées … or Lyons Magnus ReadyCare™ Dysphasia Solutions, Unintended Weight Loss Solutions and Premium Toppings.

Do you already use Shalit foods without knowing it? discover this lineup of labels.

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