Savory Choice

Food Service / Bulk Packaging

Professional chefs appreciate the superior taste and convenience of our Savory Creations "Clean Label" liquid broth concentrates. Imagine, no more base, no more bones, no more wasted time. Naturally gluten free, use it in soups, sauces, or as an ingredient in your favourite marinades, brines, rubs, and injections.

Retail Packaging

Available in Chicken, Beef, and Vegetable, this exceptional product line caused Carolyn Jung, Food Editor at the San Jose Mercury News to proclaim, "Now and then, a new product comes along that leaves it competitors in the dust..."

Healthcare, Bulk Packaging

Our Gluten Free, Trans Fat Free, Clean Label (No - MSG, No - HVP and No I+G) Reduced Sodium broth concentrate is produced by thermal processing of chicken or beef stock with natural flavours, or vegetable extracts with herbs and spices, to obtain a concentrated liquid with an intense flavour and aroma.


Our industrial broth concentrates have a robust, authentic homemade flavour that eliminates the need for added fats, salt, or MSG in your signature packaged meals.